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Our Vision

The XChange Health product, at its core, is a means for making secure healthcare data exchange easier to accomplish.  The healthcare landscape is very diverse in terms of EHR solutions and many other healthcare data programs, ranging from population health management solutions to advanced analytics and predictive modeling solutions to personal health record applications for individuals and much, much more.  With the many applications and systems out there, inevitably there will be a wide range of different technologies used to store and potentially exchange data.  Many times though, getting system A to talk to system B doesn’t happen without a long, drawn-out struggle of a project that typically involves many individuals, an extended timeline, and plenty of hiccups along the way.

And, in plenty of cases, the planned integration project never reaches completion.  Or it does eventually get finished but is never as useful as envisioned.  Also, if the functionality of the integration ever needs to change beyond minor tweaks then that’s typically a whole other project and the cycle basically repeats itself.

XChange Health was created with the goal of making all of the above a lot more straightforward.  We provide a simplified approach to assist in setting up healthcare data integrations, often referred to as interfaces.  These could range from relatively basic tasks where greater automation is desired to complex tasks dealing with many different data points, but XChange Health is set up to make even more complex integration projects a lot simpler.

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